A big thank you to Jes2G for creating this lovely award. I absolutely love it. I’m soo Bad I neglected to display it before now. If you haven’t read the Pruett family legacy  I recommend you drop everything and do it now!! He He!

No seriously I absolutely loved it and the fun large personalities of the Sims that live in this story. find them here : Pruett family legacy

I binged the Pruetts!

pruetts award

The End of the Road

Wow we’re at the end of this family legacy . I’ve had a lot of fun playing with them and watching them grow. The Vogel’s will always have a special place in my heart.  I hope you have enjoyed following their journey as much as I have.

Thank you for sticking with us. ❤ ❤ ❤

Generation 7

Although it’s supposed to be about the Heir Zahir, due to lack of household funds He spent every spare moment writing books and attending work in the writer career. Which is not at all interesting to read about so I guess I  focused more on his children. Generation 8 will just really continue their story with a deeper understanding of them and reasons behind their actions. I hope!

Got another big update coming soon. Our family is now at generation 8 in-game. So generation 7 Heir Zahir’s story will be added sometime this week. Happy Simming!!

Huge Update..


Just finished a huge update I think I’ve added 8 chapters. Just about ready to start  the start the next Generation. I’m waiting for Get Together I want Oake to join a few Clubs only a few days to go. I’m loving Oake , He’s a little different to the former Vogel Heirs. I think were going to have fun with the new expansion pack ❤   Enjoy reading and Happy Simming!!

The story continues……

I’m sorry it’s been a little while since I last updated. Not going to make any excuses but well I’m back and my wonderful [sim]family has continued to grow. We will soon witness generation 4 take over. I have decided to use Random.org to determine my Heir since I seem to be lacking when it comes to readers. I will not be abandoning this Blog or my Sim family as this is more for me than anything else. Thank you to anyone that has or does choose to read about my Vogel family. Anyway better continue Happy Simming:-) ❤

New Chapters are up/ Vote for the Next Heir

Yep managed to get a couple of chapters up before the school holidays ended. I’m going to start the Next gen in 2-3 weeks when the vote closes. So there will be a few more chapters between now and then as the boys have just aged into teens. I still get them confused even now that they have different hair. Who knew triplets would be so hard Lolz.

Anyway Thanks for the Support and don’t forget to vote *Hugs*