A New Chapter (Chapter 25)

Painting didn’t seem to provide him with the same happiness as before. as he slapped the paintbrush against the canvas the sound made him think of a door whacking him between the eyes. He smiled as he thought of Angela. He tore through the house like a bull in a china shop searching for that scrap of paper with her number on.

03-28-15_5-52 PM

At last he found it and fumbled for his phone. He dialled carefully and nervously counted the rings until she answered.” Hi it’s Tate” he spoke into the receiver ” Hi Tate good to hear your voice how are you? ” She asked Tate talked and she listened and they arranged to meet for their first official date.

Weeks later and they were an item.

03-20-15_2-12 PM

Jamari could see how happy his son was. He sat with him on the sofa and listened as he talked about his amazing girlfriend “Dad I love her. How would you feel about her moving in?” Jamari gave his blessing. his son’s New found happiness had given Jamari a new lease of life he’d been gardening again and collecting easter eggs. He felt young again ” The power of love. I was waiting for you to ask her” he told his boy “maybe I will be around to meet the grandchildren after all” He stood up suddenly and touched his forehead suddenly feeling flush he could hear the blood rushing around in his ears and feel his heartbeat stumble in his chest. His heart had lost it’s regular rhythm and was slowing he opened his mouth to speak but there was no sound. He clutched his chest and fell to the ground.

03-28-15_5-57 PM 03-28-15_5-59 PM 03-28-15_5-59 PM-2 03-28-15_6-00 PM

Grim appeared and seeing him filled Tate with the same anger he had as a child. “I demand you leave him alone. My mother now my father. It’s not his time”

“Who dares to lecture Death. You demand Ha. I follow my own rules now begone while I reap this soul” his voice echoed in Tate’s ear. He stood back after all dad and mum would finally be together again.

Dad’s death was hard on Tate he lost the desire to paint and had sunk into a deep depression he buried dad next to mum. But couldn’t bear to look at the graves. His loss was just eating away at his heart.

03-28-15_6-03 PM

Angela called and texted but Tate was too distraught to answer so she came over to comfort him. ” This pain is too much for you to endure alone. I’m moving in. I need to be here for you. I love you Tate” She hugged him as he sobbed.

03-28-15_6-05 PM 03-28-15_6-07 PM 03-28-15_6-07 PM-2 03-28-15_6-08 PM

>Chapter 26


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