Adieu Rome (Chapter 48)

Rome continued to grow distant to his brothers. He loved them but they had nothing in common. And the one love they shared was the thing that would split them for good.

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Her Name was Anika Martin.

Anika was a teen who had moved to town a few months back. She’d become close friends with the triplets and visited regularly. The Boys had all developed a crush on her so were competing for her affections.  They had each at one time or another asked her out on a date.

Anika did have feelings for one of the brothers but refused to act upon it in fear of losing her friends.

Without realising she had started spending all of her time with him. She adored Rome and couldn’t.. No wouldn’t hold back any longer.

It was hardest for Paris he was miserable and spent his time working out.  Milan on the other hand turned his Energy to his school work and became an A student.

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Rome and his brothers no longer spoke. which made their upcoming birthday very awkward. Layuh had to make 3 cakes and the boys each celebrated separately.

09-09-15_12-55 PM 09-09-15_1-07 PM 09-09-15_1-04 PM

The Shop was Neglected as the boys also refused to work together.

Layuh was at her wits end nothing she could do would bring her boys back together.

Charnai dropped by one evening and saw for herself how difficult things had become so she sat down with her brother Rome to discuss his options. (she had always been closer to him) She was also struggling being a single mum with a full time Job.

They came up with a plan he would help her care for Sophie and she would financially support him while he pursued his dream of becoming a Violinist.

09-09-15_1-23 PM 09-09-15_1-24 PM 09-09-15_1-22 PM 09-09-15_1-10 PM

Rome Packed his belongings, bid Adieu to his parents and moved in with his big Sis and Niece.

(Anika Martin created by SimsLegendSontia and is available in the Gallery)

>Chapter 49>

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