All together now

Rebel bought his children home and they were greeted by great grandpa Devon. He was Excited he loved children and now their big empty house was going to be filled with the Joy and Laughter of noisy children.


There was

Sapphire Diamond-Vogel

01-04-16_5-39-18 PM

Zahir Sumatra-Vogel

01-04-16_5-37-24 PM

Twins Romeo Burb-Vogel and Juliet Burb-Vogel

Rainne Adaire-Vogel

01-04-16_5-39-10 PM

Thorne Kale-Vogel


Sumyra visited everyday she missed her son and wanted to spend every waking moment with him she regretted her decision and wanted Zahir to come home.

The other ladies visited occasionally they were satisfied seeing their children happy and their visits reduced as they got on with /lived their lives away from the Vogel clan.


The Children were Happy all 6 of them in fact they became a close unit. They did homework and played together everyday.