Baby Plus

Blair’s pregnancy advanced pretty quickly rebel was always on had to offer some medical advice and had told her to prepare for a son.

Zahir and Blair had already chosen his name  by the time labor had started. He would be named after both of their fathers  Ailani Rebel Vogel.

And suddenly he was there in flesh and blood. but the pain kept coming. Zahir panicked and ran off to find his dad. “She’s still in pain what’s wrong should I call an ambulance. What should I do!!!”.  Rebel reassured his son “Calm down. i’ll check on her then we’ll decide the best course of action”.

By the time the Men returned to Blair She was no longer in pain. She was however the mother to three babies. our new parents decided to call them Ailani Rebel Vogel (Boy)  Kalani Oake Vogel (Boy) and Leilani Vogel (Girl).


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