Back on track (Chapter 11)

Life Continued and eventually Jamari was forgiven they had decided (together this time) to work together in the garden and Arabella joined Jamari’s scavenger hunts on occasion. They were both a little happier as they had recently found out they were expecting their first child. A quicky wedding was required and vows were exchanged in the garden. Jamari promised they would do something more elaborate when they could afford it. Arabella assured him she didn’t care how it happened or what they wore nor did she care about the lack of guests or fancy cake. She was now his wife and they were about to become a proper family and that was all she needed.

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Preparing for the new addition was hard work and also exciting Jamai finally got the lights sorted (only in the main room) this was soon followed by a cooker and a counter. Arabella’s Weird Craving of eating the trash plant fruit was making him queasy and he hoped that having ready access to a hot meal would curb that habit (couldn’t be good for the baby).

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The Months flew by the baby was soon on it’s way.

>Chapter 12


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