Bad Boy

Rebel’s time had come and shortly before the twins birthday he passed away. As hard as it was to cope with another loss Kalani pushed himself harder at work and it helped him to cope.01-22-16_1-16-57 PM

The family had a family meal at Frompi nu burger hut for the twins birthday as no one was in the mood to party.

Afeni developed a love of nature although she still hated bugs. Amaru became a bit of a Bad boy he’d fallen in with a bad crowd and had gotten into computer Hacking and causing mischief around town.

Kalani had found out about Amaru’s extra curricular activities and had tried to talk to him about it. But Amaru still resented his father and was even more determined to rebel. He was rarely at home and soon as he became an adult joined the criminal underground and started working his way up the ranks.

Kalani could do nothing to stop Amaru. Instead he  did everything in his power to keep him out of prison he even resorted to tampering with the evidence at crime scenes. He had been a terrible father but he would do anything to protect his son.


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