Naturi Plum had no interest in the newborn she had bought into the world something else held her attention.

Devon’s older brother Aspen.

Naturi watched him as he went to work on the garden clearing weeds and nurturing the plants the attraction was immense, Aspen was irresistible.

He taught her all he knew about the foliage and she showered him with love and affection. He Knew what he felt was wrong and it would destroy his family, but he just couldn’t resist her.

Why couldn’t he just walk away. The Lovers slipped into bed the umpteenth time that week. They were rumbled by Devon who had returned home early from work due to sickness. He was about to feel infinitely worse as he entered the bedroom to find his Brother and his fiancé in the midst of passion while his poor innocent baby girl slept soundly in the corner.

His blood boiled, He blew his top, He saw red as the shock and hurt gave way to his anger.

How could they do this? How could these two people that he loves so much destroy so many lives? What about Lily didn’t they care how their Lack of will power and common decency would hurt her? He just wanted them gone no amount of apologies or  explanations could fix this.

>The Case (chapter 62)>