OoOOoOOh (Chapter 27)

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Angela’s belly like her love for Tate grew everyday her pregnancy was pretty uneventful. She pottered around the garden and practiced her cooking on Tate,  Although he ate anything even spoilt food so it was hard to judge if she was improving as her sense of taste had been affected by the pregnancy (Everything tasted of onions). but on the plus side they never had to throw away food.

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“OoOOoOOh” Angela moaned clutching her stomach ” OOoooooOoh Tate help! ” she yelled “Whats up is the baby coming” he asked as he strolled over. If Angela wasn’t in so much pain she would of rolled he eyes and said something sarcastic. But in the grip of this agony she could only cry out in pain. She waddled over to the Bassinet in the bedroom and poof there was a baby.

03-28-15_7-41 PM 03-28-15_7-41 PM-2 03-28-15_7-41 PM-3 03-28-15_7-46 PM

An Adorable little boy. They decided on the name Milano. He was beautiful. Watching  her Husband cradling their son Angela had never been so in love.

They shared the duties of caring for Milano. he was an easy baby to look after and rarely cried. Angela spent her free time gardening and had started an Easter egg collection. Tate still painted he was earning a modest amount of money his best seller was Reference subject food. Anything Angela cooked he painted and those paintings sold like hot cakes.

03-28-15_7-32 PM03-28-15_7-13 PM

While preparing to cook scrambled eggs for breakfast Angela felt a familiar wave of nausea. She wasted no time and rushed out to get herself a test while the boys were still asleep. Tate was awake and in the kitchen when she returned so she moved quickly and quietly into the bathroom took the test  from under her shirt (where she’d hidden it so Tate wouldn’t see) tore open the box and hovered over the toilet and peed on the stick. She paced up and down in the bathroom watching the little window on the stick (it was the longest three minutes of her life).

one faint pink line appeared in the window “Oh” she sighed as she tossed it in the bin “probably for the best” she mumbled to herself as she went to make some breakfast. Soon as she opened the door Tate Darted past her with a pained look on his face. with all the junk he ate no wonder he was desperate for the toilet. He was in such a rush he hadn’t even shut the bathroom door. The sounds coming from the bathroom put Angela off the idea of breakfast  she went and sat in the bedroom instead. Tate joined on the bed with his bowl of cereal.

03-28-15_8-06 PM

With a mouth full of fruit loops he said ” I saw the test in the bin. When were you going to tell me”

“There’s nothing to tell sweety. I thought I was pregnant but the test was negative” she replied.

“Umm I think you better take another look” he beamed Angela was confused but decided to humour him. She went to the bathroom and rummaged through the bin till she found it. When she looked in the little window her jaw dropped ” 2 pink lines, There are 2 pink lines” she danced around excited ” How did I miss it” she ran back to bed room  ” were gonna have another baby”

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> Chapter 28


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