Mary (Chapter 28)

Angela went to answer the front door (well she danced over to it). It was Mary Mee an old acquaintance of Tate’s ” Hi I’m Mary is Tate home. I’m and old(ish) friend of his” she asked “sure I’m Angela his wife nice to meet you. I’ve just got some great news and I’m just dying to tell someone. I’m pregnant again” she squealed. Mary scowled umm Well congratulations I only came by  to say Hi now that I’ve moved to town but I’m gonna go” she turned to leave but Angela grabbed her arm.

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“Nonsense come in, Im sure he’ll be glad to see you. We don’t get many visitors you know unless you count the postman” Angela dragged Mary into the house and over to Tate. ” Hey babe Mary’s come to visit you. Why don’t you introduce her to Milano. I’ve already told her our news”

03-28-15_8-14 PM 03-28-15_8-12 PM

Tate hadn’t really spent much time with Mary not since their date. She seemed to be such a nice girl and he hoped that Mary and Angela would get on he knew Angela hadn’t stayed in contact with anyone from before he’d met her. An she hadn’t had any contact with her adopted parents since she ‘d left home at 18. She rarely used the computer or even her phone unless she was looking up a recipe. mary broke his train of thought ” He’s cute looks like you with a lot less hair” they laughed then went to join Angela.

03-28-15_8-13 PM 03-28-15_8-14 PM-2

the Ladies got to know each other and found the had some things in common, A love of nature for one thing. By the time Mary left trhey were friends and had already arranged to have coffee morning once every 2 weeks for coffee, gardening tips and a girly chat.

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