(Chapter 31) Growing Family

A number of years have passed and not much has changed for the family. Tate has continued with his painting now a level 10 artist his paintings are sought after and sell for thousands at a time. The house hasn’t been improved as the bills escalate with each new purchase. And with another baby to support any extra income would soon be needed. Sorry didn’t I mention angela was expecting again. Marceline had aged up into a sweet little girl she was adored by her brothers and had endless fun running around after them.

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05-11-15_1-02 PM 05-11-15_1-05 PM-2

Angela had become obsessed with cooking and baking and had begun neglecting the garden. The family didn’t mind much as Tate used the space to pitch a tent for the kids. They hadn’t enough for a family holiday and backyard camping was the next best thing.

05-11-15_1-24 PM 05-11-15_1-23 PM05-11-15_1-46 PM-205-11-15_1-46 PM

Angela and Tate planned a party at Frompi nu Burger Shack (Frompi nu = simlish for Friday night).  for Milano’s Birthday Angela baked the cake the rest of the party food would be supplied by the venue. The whole family was excited and had decided to go in fancy dress.

frompi nu

05-11-15_2-26 PM 05-11-15_2-28 PM 05-11-15_2-30 PM 05-11-15_2-30 PM-2 05-11-15_2-31 PM

Now a teenager there was one thing Milano wanted so he mustered up the courage to ask his parents. “Mum, Dad I’m 13 now I want my own space. I don’t want to share the kiddies room anymore can we fix up that little room in the front” he asked them. “Money’s still a little tight” Tate replied “but I guess It’s time you had your own room” Milano hugged his parents “Thanks Dad” he said as he went to Show off to Morello.

05-11-15_3-00 PM 05-11-15_3-00 PM-2 05-11-15_3-00 PM-3 05-11-15_3-01 PM-3 05-11-15_3-06 PM 05-11-15_3-06 PM-2

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