(Chapter 32) New Baby, New Room

The Renovations started in Milano’s Room it was tiny but he loved it. He had a new bed and a custom paint job on the walls (Thanks to Tate) He loved his space.

05-11-15_3-54 PM 05-11-15_3-59 PM

The move was perfectly timed as soon as they were completed Angela went into labour she opted for a home birth this time as she had a feeling she would be stuck with another incompetent doctor.  she hopped into the bath and tried to relax as the contractions hit every 30,20,14,10 minutes then she went to the bedroom and out popped another Daughter Angel Vogel.

05-11-15_4-57 PM 05-11-15_4-57 PM-3

The Boys didn’t pay her much attention as they’d seen it all before. But Marceline was excited it was all new to her she had a baby sister and wouldn’t be the baby anymore she felt so grown up. and wanted to help” Can I feed her? mum, Can i change her? I just want to hold her” She followed her parents around drove them crazy constantly asking.

05-11-15_4-57 PM-4 05-11-15_4-58 PM-2 05-11-15_4-59 PM 05-11-15_4-59 PM-2

she’d even woken her on purpose a few times just so she could play. “MARCELINE LEAVE THE BABY ALONE” Her mother shouted. Angela was tired she was barely sleeping and Marceline was driving her mad. ” I cant take it” she screamed at her husband and went to bed to cry it out.

05-11-15_5-00 PM 05-11-15_5-02 PM 05-11-15_5-02 PM-2

The Children noticed their mothers demeaner had changed and wanted to do something to help. Milano took over baby care duties and moved baby Angel into his room temporarily.

05-11-15_5-04 PM 05-11-15_5-04 PM-2 05-11-15_5-05 PM-2 05-11-15_5-06 PM

Tate, Marceline and Morello tidied up the garden and house. When Angela finally resurfaced the house was spotless and quiet. She Apologised to her family for her outburst and behaviour and they promised to help out more. It turned out Angela had picked up an Illness which had knocked her for six.

05-11-15_5-02 PM-3 05-11-15_5-03 PM 05-11-15_5-21 PM 05-11-15_5-21 PM-2 05-11-15_5-23 PM 05-11-15_5-24 PM 05-11-15_5-26 PM 05-11-15_5-30 PM

Baby Angel remained in Milano’s room for the time being he cared for her after school and on weekends the whole family pitched in. Angela looked after the baby during the day and worked on getting better at night she adored her children but was finding it hard to bond with the baby, She was so proud of Milano and the bond he built  with his baby sister.

05-11-15_5-05 PM 05-11-15_5-16 PM 05-11-15_5-28 PM 05-11-15_5-29 PM

>Chapter 33

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