(Chapter 33) Birthday’s

(By the Time Morello’s birthday arrived Angela was back to her usual self. With Marceline’s birthday also due in a few days the family decided to have a joint birthday party at  Castle O’Knight.

05-11-15_5-43 PM 05-11-15_5-46 PM 05-11-15_5-48 PM-2 05-11-15_5-49 PM 05-11-15_6-09 PM 05-11-15_6-12 PM-2 05-11-15_6-17 PM 05-11-15_6-17 PM-2 05-11-15_6-28 PM 05-11-15_6-28 PM-2 05-11-15_6-29 PM

With the family growing it was time to put that saved money to good use and rearrange some furniture and redecorate the other front room to accommodate Morello.

05-11-15_6-40 PM 05-11-15_6-58 PM

The next few months are difficult for the Vogel family. Marceline’s behaviour shocks everyone she becomes angry and argumentative towards Angela. It’s clear she still harbours resentment for her mother’s down period and lashes out constantly.

05-11-15_7-01 PM 05-11-15_7-02 PM 05-11-15_7-03 PM

When Angela tries to discuss her daughter’s new responsibilities as a teenager. Marceline starts shouting “Stop treating me like a child. I’m old enough to do my own thing. I want to be Independent ” Angela responds by telling her  that “independence is hard work it means getting a job, working hard at school and work and also taking care of yourself your family and your home. Just like me and your father do  ” “Aaaaaaah. Just leave me alone I hate you. I don’t want to be like you I don’t even want to look like you.” Marceline stormed off.

The next day Angela walked into the bathroom to see her daughter admiring herself in the mirror. she was dumbfounded ” oh my lord… What have you done to yourself. This is awful. I mean your too young for tattoo’s and make up. Why… Why would you do this” Tate and Milano heard the shouting and ran to listen at the bathroom door. ” It’s nothing to do with you my hair,my body. like I told you yesterday LEAVE ME ALONE” Marceline screamed.

05-11-15_7-27 PM 05-11-15_7-27 PM-2 05-11-15_7-27 PM-3 05-11-15_7-28 PM 05-11-15_7-28 PM-2 05-11-15_7-29 PM

Angela was distraught she left the bathroom only Marceline was riled up and followed her mother proceeding to throw a drink in her face and call her more unrepeatable names . With her mother in tears she stormed off to her bedroom.

05-11-15_7-29 PM-2 05-11-15_7-31 PM 05-11-15_7-31 PM-2 05-11-15_7-31 PM-3 05-11-15_7-32 PM 05-11-15_7-32 PM-2 05-11-15_7-32 PM-3 05-11-15_7-33 PM

The next morning the Eve of baby angels birthday the family wake to find a note on Marceline’s pillow.

marcelines note

The family report Marceline’s disappearance to the police. Angela and the family are left Heartbroken.

> Chapter 34

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