Desperate Measures (Chapter 7)

02-09-15_2-19 PM

Jamari had a fridge he could barely contain his excitement. It was brown and just as dingy as the rest of the house but hey he was about to eat. His stomach growled as he took his first spoon of cereal.  Jamari had been so close to the jaws of death. He savored every bite as though it was the most exquisite meal he had ever tasted. He Soon realized that with only $37 to his name his late night scavenging would have to become a regular occurrence.

02-09-15_2-06 PM 02-09-15_2-11 PM 02-09-15_7-11 PM-2 02-09-15_7-12 PM 02-09-15_2-11 PM-2 02-09-15_7-11 PM

Every night he dragged himself out he dug, Climbed through bushes and shimmied up trees in the hope of finding more seeds, fruit, Veg or something to sell. The restoration had to take a back seat he was just trying to stay alive.

02-10-15_10-08 AM 02-10-15_10-11 AM

Things seemed to be looking up as he now had a well established garden with lemon trees as well as a whole variety of herbs and vegetables.  Jamari Stood in the darkness of his room the candle light made his shadow dance on the walls like someone without a care in the world, In reality Jamari was depressed Although physically he was doing better (lots of food, a regular income from collectables) Emotionally he was Lonely, anxious and just so tired.

02-10-15_10-29 AM 02-09-15_7-33 PM

He missed his Grampy and spent vast amount of time crying over the flowers where his Grandfathers ashes lay (and the bedroom and shower).

02-09-15_1-52 PM-2 02-09-15_2-08 PM 02-10-15_9-41 AM-2 02-10-15_9-41 AM

Desperate for human interaction Jamari started calling the geo council on a daily basis even when he hadn’t found any rocks.02-09-15_7-07 PM

He knew it was time to get out and try to make friends in the community02-10-15_10-40 AM-2

02-10-15_9-53 AM

He started with the neighbours sadly their opinion of him hadn’t budged. So still feeling down he headed back to the garden to take care of his plants. Almost jumping out of his skin he noticed one of the neighbours was in his yard.

02-10-15_10-13 AM 02-10-15_10-15 AM 02-10-15_10-15 AM-2

Adallyn became a regular visitor to Jamari’s garden one day he plucked up the courage to invite her in he was finally going to ask her out. Jamari didn’t notice her checking out the house and gagging with disgust.02-10-15_10-17 AM

They both sat on the bed and he started to tell her how he felt “Adallyn” he gulped nervously “ I think your amazing Will you go out with me” her reaction was so abrupt the words were barely out of Jamari’s mouth before she said “Your just soo not my type I mean …ugh this place is a mess I would never…. ugh” she stood up “you know from outside it’s a palace but …..Ugh, Hey we can still be friends” she left Jamari standing shocked and embarrassed. Feeling the dark cloud over him again Jamari went to bed. He woke a few hours later to find the water had been cut off. “Well that’s just Rubbing salt in the wound , lonely and Smelly” He sighed as he went to talk to grampy again. 02-10-15_10-18 AM-2 02-10-15_10-19 AM 02-10-15_10-26 AM

Having nowhere near the amount of money required to pay the bill he had to resort to using the shower at the gym.

02-10-15_12-24 PM-2 02-10-15_12-24 PM-3 02-10-15_12-25 PM 02-10-15_12-25 PM-2

As embarrassing as it was it would lead to a chance meeting would change his life forever.

02-10-15_12-28 PM-202-10-15_10-42 AM-202-10-15_10-45 AM-202-10-15_10-45 AM



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