And so it begins (Chapter 1)

It was a Cold dark night the wind blew the long spiny branches of the Oak tree towards the 2nd floor window….Tap….Tap…tap. Jamari sat up in his bed but it wasn’t the wind that woke him nor the cold in fact it was toasty and warm in his room at Tolkien Academy.

The boarding school was quite a modern building with an efficient central heating system. It was the chill that started at the back of his neck quite like the tickle from ice cold fingers that travelled down his back to the base of his spine, He shivered. The chill shook him to the core instantly he knew something was wrong, He’d had this feeling only once before.

The knock at the door filled him with dread, He was almost expecting it but it was no less of a shocking sound in the silence of the normally bustling dorm. He glanced at his alarm clock it was only 5am.  He stood and walked towards the door stood for a second bracing himself for what was about to happen next.

02-09-15_10-55 AM

Jamari swung the door open.

The corridor was dimly lit by the emergency lighting that kicked in during the night, Jamari could just barely make out the man’s face but knew him as the headmaster of the Academy Mr Norman (Rarely seen outside of his office).

In the darkness. He seemed to have a strained smile on his face as he handed Jamari a note and stood back shuffling from side to side.  Trying not to look at Jamari until he’d had time to read it. He seemed extremely uncomfortable it was clear he’d never had to deliver this kind of Bad news before. He eventually stopped shuffling and Returned to the door he placed his hand on Jamari’s shoulder “I’m Sorry for your Loss, Young Man”.  Mr Norman stood back. “There is someone here to see you. We will wait for you in The Reception hall.”

Jamari nodded and closed the door, clutching the note to his chest he started to bawl. “Grampy’s Dead”


>Chapter 2

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