Good girls

Blake was getting older and her mind was not what it once was. She had retired from work and pottered around the garden during the days she had become closer to Amaru and eagerly awaited his return from work everyday.

Her behaviour was becoming more erratic as the years went on but with everyone at work it went unnoticed until she set fire to the Kids Llama game and then attacked the maid when he had come to her rescue.

Kalani had no choice but to send her away to Senior Moments elderly care home. Amaru visited his grandmother as often as he could  but without her positive guidance/support he sunk deeper and deeper into his life of crime.

A chance meeting changed his whole outlook while out scouring town for swag he met Mae Yanez she had moved to town with her mum. She was a sweet girl. It was love at first sight.

Amaru took Mae and her mum out for coffee and got to know them both. They Dated all the while he kept his career a secret, He’d told her she was a handyman and she accepted that.

Afeni on the other hand had given up her dream of travelling and had moved in with her boyfriend Beau Hoew after falling pregnant. She invited Amaru and his girlfriend over to meet his Nephew Tiger.01-30-16_9-23-22 AM

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