Gym Buddies (Chapter 49)

With Rome’s departure things gradually started returning to normal within the household. All ties were cut with Anika and without the daily reminder of their shared heartbreak Paris and Milan became friends and started visiting the new Venue Newcrest Gym,Spa and juice bar on a regular basis.

09-09-15_1-46 PM-2 09-09-15_1-49 PM 09-09-15_1-49 PM-2 09-09-15_1-51 PM 09-09-15_1-52 PM 09-09-15_1-53 PM 09-09-15_2-11 PM09-09-15_2-06 PM

09-09-15_2-03 PM-3

It gave the boys a new lease on life and a little discount as Uncle Lyle was the head reflexologist 🙂

While Milan worked on building his wellness skill, Paris worked on Mending his broken heart with Suzette DuCrepe. He stopped working out and spent all his Gym time at her chair, Flirting and complimenting her. She remained the Professional at all times, he couldn’t tell if she liked him or was just being polite.

09-09-15_1-59 PM-2 09-09-15_2-00 PM 09-09-15_1-57 PM 09-09-15_1-58 PM-2 09-09-15_2-00 PM-3 09-09-15_1-57 PM-2

He knew for certain that she was into him when she started visiting him at the house after her shift.

09-28-15_9-25-15 AM 09-28-15_9-25-59 AM 09-28-15_9-26-38 AM 09-28-15_9-28-38 AM

They soon became Friends with Benefits until suzette fell pregnant. She demanded they make their relationship official but Paris uhmmmed and Ahhhed then eventually  told Suzette he had commitment issues. Suzette dismissed his excuse and told him “Either you Love me or you don’t. It’s that simple. I’m not asking for marriage.”

09-28-15_9-29-03 AM 09-28-15_9-29-54 AM

“Ok suzette I do love you. In fact I feel more for you than I have felt for anyone ever. It’s Just…” Paris started and was interrupted by Milan.

He turned to his brother ” Bro We just need a moment I was about to ask Suzette to move in” Paris spat out surprising everyone including himself.

09-28-15_9-35-20 AM 09-28-15_9-46-02 AM

Suzette gave up her job and joined the family.

(Suzette DuCrepe is created by EuphorialQueen and can be found in the Gallery)

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