Heartbroken. (Chapter34)

Angel’s Birthday passes without celebration. Her sister’s disappearance had devastated the family. Angel grows to be a beautiful helpful girl very close to her brothers and parents. and although she doesn’t remember her big sister she feels the void within the family.

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One day while complimenting Milano on his artwork Angela receives an unexpected and very welcome call. “Hello” Angela answered the phone. “Ma  It’s me I’m not coming back but I’m safe and happy. I’m living with my friend and his family and starting school in a few days. goodbye” Marceline spoke fast and hung up before Angela had the chance to say anything. else. “Marceline” she said aloud “she’s ok”

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The Atmosphere within the Vogel House improved everyone was a little happier. Tate told his wife that Marceline’s phone call meant she still cared for her family and that in time she may return.

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Angela decided to try to restore the garden and use her home grown veg to create more extravagant home cooked meals for her family. Morello helped out occasionally. although he preferred going out treasure hunting.

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Milano took after his father and spent his time painting or crafting decorative items and furniture. he was very handy and had taken on the responsibility of repairing the household objects. The Money Milano and his father now made was enough to start upgrading the house.

06-08-15_11-24 AM 06-08-15_11-30 AM 06-08-15_6-42 PM 06-10-15_8-16 AM 06-10-15_7-57 AM 06-10-15_9-09 AM

They started off with a new cooker, Refrigerator, Microwave, Sink and computer Milano upgraded each object as soon as it was installed. Angela was over the moon her new kitchen Appliances were amazing.

Morello loved the new computer he used it for additional research for his school projects and was actually improving his grade, Until he discovered the joys of trolling the forums.

06-10-15_10-31 AM 06-08-15_5-47 PM

Things seemed to be falling back into place. Angela felt happy and when Mary called to invite Angela to her Birthday party Angela decided to Attend. She was taken aback to find the only other party guest happened to be Tate’s Ex girlfriend  Valentina. Regardless the three of them had a great time.

06-10-15_8-21 AM 06-10-15_8-20 AM 06-10-15_8-22 AM 06-10-15_8-25 AM

So it wasn’t too much of a shock when Valentina turned up on the doorstep a few days later. Morello had been on the front porch working on his homework. He greeted Valentina and invited her inside.

06-09-15_10-32 AM 06-09-15_10-32 AM-2

Although she had come to visit Angela and Tate. She spent the next hour talking and laughing with Morello much to the Annoyance of Angela.

06-09-15_10-41 AM 06-09-15_10-40 AM-2 06-09-15_10-40 AM 06-09-15_10-37 AM

When she eventually left Angela sat and spoke to her son. “I want you to stay away from that woman! The gall of her to rock up here and spend the day flirting wth her ex’s teenage son. Disgusting and right under our nose. I’m serious Morello do you hear me? she asked him, Morello squirmed “Ok Ma, I hear you” he replied.

06-09-15_10-41 AM-2 06-09-15_10-08 AM

Angela went to vent to her husband who completely agreed with her but knew teenage boy’s and the idea of bragging to his friends about a cougar girlfriend would surely be appealing. He decided a phone call to Valentina warning her to keep her distance from his son would be more effective.

>Chapter 35


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