I Refuse

After many month’s living in the basement. Rebel, Zahir and Blair agreed it was time for Kalani to return to normal life. he had returned to being the fun loving happy boy he used to be. His muscles had all but retuned to realistic dimensions for his size, And due to his Mom’s healthy cooking even his Acne had cleared up.

They went down to break the good news but Kalani flat out refused to leave the safety of his cell. He was afraid to leave, he didn’t want to hurt anyone and was scared of returning to his old ways.

Zahir was Perplexed “How could he not see/feel how much he’s accomplished and how much he’s changed?” he could not sit by and watch his son wither away a prisoner to his own fears. Zahir managed to track down a highly recommended councillor and asked him to come round and talk to his son.

After explaining the Situation to Ndolo Baako he was taken into the basement to meet Kalani.

>Road to recovery>