In demand (Chapter 24)

A few of weeks had passed since Tate’s date with Valentina. They had been in contact texting, emails and the occasional phone call. He really liked her and seemed she felt the same. Tate was as surprised to Arrive home to find both Valentina and Angela at the door. Especially shocked to see Angela as he thought she wasn’t interested in him. He greeted her and she explained that she had tenancy issues so had to close down her dating profile and other Accounts so she could sort out her living situation. She had recently got everything back up and running but found he had removed his account too. ” I asked around the neighbourhood and was directed here, Now hows about we arrange that date”. Umm well Tate started “I’m kinda seeing someone. Valentina.. she’s talking to my dad right now”. ” Oh ok seems I missed my chance. If things don’t work out give me a call she handed him a piece of paper with her details on gave him a hug and said goodbye.

03-28-15_4-59 PM 03-28-15_5-00 PM 03-28-15_5-00 PM-2 03-28-15_5-01 PM

03-28-15_5-02 PM 03-28-15_5-05 PM

Valentina had been busy talking to Jamari. This ones a keeper he told his son I like her. They continued to chat as if Tate wasn’t even there he popped inside to make himself a sandwich and found them still chattering away on the doorstep.

03-28-15_5-05 PM-2 03-28-15_5-05 PM-3 03-28-15_5-06 PM 03-28-15_5-07 PM

He finally got her away from dad and they went into the back garden to talk. They agreed to go on another date this time to the park. He wanted to tell her about the times he used to spend there with his father when he was a boy, but the second they got there she ran off.

03-28-15_5-11 PM 03-28-15_5-12 PM

03-28-15_5-21 PM 03-28-15_5-21 PM-2

He found her dancing in the park social club so he tried to talk to her as he joined in but it was awkward and she seemed to want to talk to her friends instead.

03-28-15_5-22 PM 03-28-15_5-22 PM-2 03-28-15_5-22 PM-3

She disappeared again (left him dancing on his own)  He managed to track her down outside. He decided to get straight to the point and just ask her how she felt about him.

03-28-15_5-24 PM 03-28-15_5-24 PM-2

03-28-15_5-24 PM-3 03-28-15_5-24 PM-4 03-28-15_5-25 PM 03-28-15_5-26 PM

” I like you ….As a friend, I just don’t feel that way about you I’m sorry Tate” She was apologetic ” I didn’t know how to tell you and I didn’t want to hurt you” she told him miserably. ” It’s ok Val, just friends is ok by me” Tate reassured her and went home. Back to his paintings, He’d had enough distractions.

03-28-15_12-36 PM 03-28-15_5-52 PM

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