Is she the one (Chapter 23)

It was the morning of Tate’s date with Valentina. He wasn’t nervous at all he thought she would take one look at his face and make her excuses so he expected to be home within an hour or so.

03-28-15_4-58 PM03-28-15_4-46 PM 03-28-15_4-46 PM-2 03-28-15_4-47 PM

He wasn’t nervous until he saw her that is. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was visibly shocked when she saw his face but she smiled and introduced herself anyway. ” Hi I’m Valentina Von Hatter and your Tate. I hardly recognised you. Can I ask what happened to your face ” she asked sounding concerned ” Unfortunately yesterday my face introduced itself to a door” Tate chuckled ” It looks much worse than it is but if you want to end the date I don’t mind” he continued ” No Tate as long as your happy to go on I am too” They made their way into the Venue.

03-28-15_4-48 PM 03-28-15_4-48 PM-2 03-28-15_4-49 PM03-28-15_4-49 PM-2

They sat on the Sofa, Tate offered her a drink then went to order from the bar. when he returned Valentina was dancing away and had seemed to have found an admirer. They moved to other seating and got to know each other. ” I love to cooking and I’m gonna open a bakery one day. I have this notebook I carry everywhere I get recipe idea’s and have to jot them down right away” she confided in Tate “That’s great coz I love to eat, and I’d love to try one of your creations one day, I’m a terrible cook. Paintings my passion” he told her ” That would be great. Next date my place” the evening flew by they talked laughed and Valentina Danced (sorry cheesy bit coming up)

03-28-15_4-50 PM 03-28-15_4-50 PM-2 03-28-15_4-53 PM 03-28-15_4-54 PM 03-28-15_4-54 PM-2 03-28-15_4-55 PM

Valentina Danced her way into his heart and before they said good bye they exchanged phone numbers and promised to go out again soon.

03-28-15_4-56 PM

> Chapter 24

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