Jealous Much( Chapter 52)

Being the new member of the family was a bit tough for Minnie. They were all so close she felt left out. When she tried to join in there conversations everyone was left feeling awkward. She developed an unnatural attachment to the family burial site and could always be found talking to the graves of Vogel’s past.

09-28-15_11-49-27 AM 09-28-15_11-48-48 AM 09-28-15_12-04-20 PM09-28-15_12-51-54 PM09-28-15_12-52-36 PM09-28-15_12-52-45 PM

Suzette was oblivious to her friends struggles and against the advice of her doctor continued to do her yoga stretches and Meditation during her pregnancy.

09-28-15_11-54-16 AM 09-28-15_11-55-42 AM 09-28-15_12-51-43 PM 09-28-15_12-18-47 PM

Milano and Layuh’s Birthday’s were round the corner. While the family rushed around making preparations Minnie got to work sprucing up the burial plot. By the time the party had started she collapsed in a heap on the floor too exhausted to attend.

09-28-15_12-53-20 PM 09-28-15_12-58-00 PM 09-28-15_1-07-20 PM 09-28-15_1-08-20 PM09-28-15_1-11-35 PM 09-28-15_1-12-12 PM 09-28-15_1-13-02 PM 09-28-15_1-13-15 PM

Shortly after Suzette went into Labour.

09-28-15_1-14-58 PM 09-28-15_1-15-34 PM 09-28-15_1-15-40 PM 09-28-15_1-17-12 PM 09-28-15_1-16-35 PM09-28-15_1-18-10 PM

Cherry Vogel joined the family. and was loved by everyone. Including Layuh who had fallen ill and rushed off to take some medicine not wanting to make the baby sick too. Milano congratulated his son. And spent the rest of the day reminiscing about the birth’s of his own children with his wife Layuh.

09-28-15_1-31-33 PM 09-28-15_1-31-58 PM 09-28-15_1-35-14 PM 09-28-15_1-36-42 PM

>Chapter 53>

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