Lets go home


Meeting Tiger made Mae and Amaru long to start their own family.

They were soon planning their wedding and preparing for the birth of their first child.

Mae had discovered Amaru’s true profession and was upset that he had kept it from her, She asked him to quit but he couldn’t as his father was a cop the only way they would let him leave was in a bodybag. “Until my dad quits or dies I’m trapped babe” He told her. Mae was disappointed but had to get on with preparing for the baby.

When Jamari arrived Kalani showered him with love. Which filled Amaru with a rage he couldn’t control he cound not bear to have the man he hated with a passion anywhere near his son he lashed out at Kalani every time he ventured near the baby.

Amaru started to plan for the future and with some of the money he had earned set up a photography business. He fixed up the shop basement and turned it into a home for him and his little family.

The work was hard but worthwhile Amaru developed his Photography skill. And was close to his family he was a great dad but something was missing. Mae suggested they visit home maybe it was time to start building some bridges.

They returned to the Main house to find Chinedu had died and Kalani was not coping. He was forgetting to get dressed and getting lost around the neighbourhood.

Amaru pitied him he wanted to hate him but how could he his father had become like a lost child without his mother. His Heart softened towards him “I promise I’ll look after you dad let’s go home”.

>Lets start again>