Love and Heartbreak (Chapter 45)

Charnaii’s sadness affected every aspect of her life including her work. The once happy, bubbly prankster was now quiet and miserable and prone to sudden bouts of blubbering. She sat at the reception desk at Spring Police department everyday and could barely muster a smile for her friends and colleagues. Detective Braden Braswell started stopping by her desk he seemed to have made it his mission to make her smile at least once a day.

08-27-15_9-57 AM 08-27-15_10-00 AM

Some months later he asked her out on their first date. It was fantastic Charnaii was happy again.

08-27-15_10-03 AM 08-27-15_10-07 AM 08-27-15_10-13 AM 08-27-15_10-15 AM

She discovered he was creative and neat. He told her that although he loved her he hated children so had no desire to become a father. ” Woah woah woah where did that come from. I’m only 20. who’s thinking about babies” she had replied They saw each other everyday and Charnaii had started staying over at his place her family rarely saw her.

08-27-15_10-16 AM 08-27-15_10-17 AM

Charnaii was scared to tell Braden when she found she was pregnant. But she bit the bullet and told him the second she saw him. “Braden I’m pregnant and I want to keep it.” Charnaii was taken a back and a little embarrassed when Braden burst into tears (They were in a public place).

08-27-15_10-19 AM 08-27-15_10-19 AM-2

He shook his head then finally spoke “Why would you do this to me? It’s me or the baby, I told you how I felt about kids. If you keep it, We’re over ” He turned and walked away before giving Charnaii a chance to reply he could see in her eye’s she’d made her choice.

Charnaii told her Sister Tianni about her situation. Seeing how hurt her sister was made her blood boil. Tianii blew her top “What!! How dare he do this to you? I’ll kill him. where does he live?

08-27-15_10-23 AM 08-27-15_10-23 AM-2 08-27-15_10-24 AM 08-27-15_10-25 AM

Charnaii told her parents about her pregnancy. She was surprised they were so supportive and promised to be there for her and the baby. Even though she was grateful for her family’s support this was something she felt she needed to do on her own. She moved into a little 2 bed house in the next street.

08-27-15_1-26 PM 08-27-15_1-26 PM-3 08-27-15_1-41 PM 08-27-15_1-40 PM

Milano and Layuh couldn’t let Charnaii do it alone so they visited regularly. Milano upgraded the TV and Cooker while Layuh cooked and filled the fridge with food.

08-27-15_2-06 PM 08-27-15_2-08 PM 08-27-15_2-11 PM 08-27-15_2-07 PM

They were even there when Charnaii went into labor.

08-27-15_1-26 PM-2 08-27-15_1-39 PM

It was a long labor, 2 days had passed and Milano and Layuh had to leave before the baby was born. Milano rushed straight back to meet his Granddaughter Sophie as soon as she arrived.

08-27-15_2-30 PM 08-27-15_2-31 PM

>Chapter 46

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