Love and Heartbreak part 2 (Chapter 46)

With everything that was going on with her little sister Tianii felt guilty about finding happiness with Earl Sun. So she kept it to herself she knew her parents wouldn’t approve. He was her boss at Techcomp and much older than her too. she loved him she just couldn’t help herself he was her best friend. He was romantic and funny she just couldn’t imagine her life without him.

08-27-15_10-33 AM 08-27-15_10-36 AM 08-27-15_10-37 AM

Earl walked him Girlfriend home each day after work and/or date’s. Milano watched from the window every evening as his daughter returned home with this mystery fellow. She was happy but whenever he asked about him she said “He’s just a friend from work” Milano knew the tell tale signs of love and gave his daughter his blessing.

08-27-15_10-35 AM 08-27-15_10-38 AM 08-27-15_10-38 AM-2 08-27-15_10-38 AM-3

“Tia enough of the secrecy, you can tell me the truth. I’m happy you’ve found love and happiness. He seems like a nice guy. Maybe you can bring him round so we can meet properly.” Milano hugged his oldest daughter and as he did he thought of Charnaii and prayed she would find her happiness too.

Earl had proposed and the wedding planning had begun.

08-27-15_11-30 AM 08-27-15_11-29 AM 08-27-15_11-34 AM

Trying to squeeze herself into her gown at the last dress fitting, Tianii knew she couldn’t keep it a secret anymore and told her family the news. She was expecting her first child. Honestly no-one was surprised they had watched as she had steadily gained weight around her Midriff. (She was almost the same size as Charnaii) With the wedding only a day away Tianii would have to get an entirely new dress to fit her huge bump.

08-27-15_12-47 PM 08-27-15_12-48 PM

The wedding was perfect they had chosen The Blessed Bliss wedding venue for their special day (The same venue as her parents).

08-27-15_11-50 AM 08-27-15_11-50 AM-2 08-27-15_11-50 AM-3

All of the family turned up even her cousin Shannen who she hadn’t seen since they were kids.

08-27-15_11-53 AM-2 08-27-15_11-57 AM-2 08-27-15_11-58 AM 08-27-15_12-00 PM-2 08-27-15_12-01 PM 08-27-15_12-03 PM-2

It was an amazing day.

Tianii and her new Husband moved into their own Little bungalow across the street from Charnaii. Sadly Earl died a few days later and missed his son Terrance’s entrance into the world.

Milano and Layuh visited and met little Terrence. Tianii lashed out at her mum. She just wanted her husband back she was miserable.

08-27-15_2-16 PM 08-27-15_2-19 PM 08-27-15_2-18 PM 08-27-15_2-22 PM

Milano went to speak to her  “Tia I’m sorry about Earl he was a great Man. You lost one love but you gained another in Terrance. He needs you,

I know it’s hard but you are going to get through this, you’ll do it for Terrance and Earl and be the Amazing Mother he always knew you would be” He hugged Tianii “We love you princess.”

08-27-15_2-21 PM 08-27-15_2-21 PM-2 08-27-15_2-20 PM

>Chapter 47

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