Minnie Wan’s Mini one (Chapter 53)

09-28-15_1-37-54 PM 09-28-15_12-16-06 PM 09-28-15_1-39-35 PM 09-28-15_1-39-42 PM

Minnie’s pregnancy was progressing steadily. When she wasn’t relaxing in the bath she was attending to Cherry. It wasn’t long before her own baby was ready make an entrance.

09-28-15_1-41-20 PM 09-28-15_1-46-19 PM 09-28-15_1-46-28 PM 09-28-15_1-48-27 PM

Grandpa Milano was the first to hold him. “Welcome to the family Aspen Vogel” Milano whispered to the boy as he held him close.

09-28-15_1-47-21 PM 09-28-15_1-47-57 PM 09-28-15_1-48-58 PM 09-28-15_1-51-31 PM

The Household was now full. Cherry became a child and Paris became tense he was non committal and it stressed him out when he realised he had been in a committed relationship with Suzette for years now. He wanted to share his worries and get some advice from his brother but it was Suzette who reassured him. “I love you and I can see you are tense. we’re together 24/7 maybe we need to spend a few days apart.” she watched with a sadness in her heart as he walked away to think about it.

09-28-15_2-08-19 PM 09-28-15_2-11-36 PM 09-28-15_2-13-53 PM 09-28-15_2-14-36 PM

>Chapter 54>

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