Moving on (chapter 55)

The break was just what Paris Needed. On returning home his heart burned with love for Suzette. “I think we should get our own place” he suggested as they snuggled on the Sofa.

sofa cuddle 2cuddle

once Aspen become a child Minnie discovered she was pregnant again.

09-28-15_3-43-42 PM 09-28-15_3-44-40 PM 09-28-15_3-44-45 PM 09-28-15_5-38-33 PM

Determined not to let herself feel the same loneliness as the last time she got stuck into her cooking. Aspen took up the Violin when he found his uncle Rome’s old one tucked away in a room. Rome had started visiting again and had bonded with Aspen immediately.

09-28-15_5-44-17 PM 09-28-15_5-45-23 PM 09-28-15_5-55-30 PM 09-28-15_6-05-14 PM

Milano and Layuh continued to garden. Minnie met Anika (Rome’s ex-girlfriend) and they were on their way to becoming friends.

09-28-15_5-39-56 PM09-28-15_1-00-15 PM 09-28-15_1-00-54 PM 09-28-15_1-01-33 PM

Aspen was spoiled by his grandparents and didn’t want to share the attention with a new baby.

09-28-15_6-07-43 PM 09-28-15_6-09-39 PM 09-28-15_6-10-19 PM 09-28-15_5-47-59 PM

Milano worked on his fitness and was taught the basics of woodworking by his father. Until they were interrupted by a terrifying scream they ran upstairs to find the toy science table ablaze. Milano put out the fire (becoming very experienced at this, If only there was a firefighter career and he was able to work, He would be top level by now I’m sure XD )

09-28-15_6-42-37 PM 09-28-15_6-46-17 PM 09-28-15_6-46-25 PM 09-28-15_6-47-01 PM 09-28-15_6-47-23 PM 09-28-15_6-47-34 PM

Minnie had found work in the culinary field and was practicing her cocktail making. When she felt the all too familiar cramps of Labour. She just managed to make it downstairs when baby Sydney was already on her way out. Closely followed by her sister Arizona and last but not least brother Devon.

09-28-15_6-55-57 PM 09-28-15_6-55-41 PM 09-28-15_7-01-05 PM 09-28-15_7-03-49 PM

> due to unforeseen circumstances (chapter 56)>

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