Not good Enough (Chapter 16)

Jamari did his best Alas it just wasn’t good enough, He tried to balance earning money caring for the house and garden with being a good father but Tate was always dirty and smelly and the house was even worse.

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They both lived on a diet of cereal and  yogurt. This was a terrible life for Tate who had already been through so much.It was around this time that Arabella started to appear, she comforted her son but got angrier and angrier with Jamari How could this once devoted father allow her baby to live this way?

03-19-15_1-13 PM 03-19-15_1-32 PM 03-19-15_1-33 PM-2 03-19-15_1-35 PM

Tate’s Birthday came and went without celebration again as Jamari still couldn’t afford to do anything. And with no power he couldn’t even make him a cake. The birthday meal was a well made Salad.

Tate took up painting he remembered how much his mother loved painting and her easel stood gathering dust. He put it to use and painted everyday He understood why his mother adored it. After selling the first nine paintings they had enough money to pay the bills.

03-19-15_1-39 PM-2 03-19-15_1-39 PM 03-19-15_1-42 PM03-19-15_1-45 PM-2 03-19-15_1-46 PM 03-19-15_1-47 PM-2

Now to just get this place clean.

>Chapter 17

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