Old Man Tate Part 2 (The Lost Chapter cont..)

As the rest of the family headed home Milano and Layuh rushed straight to the Hospital.

06-15-15_6-38 PM 06-15-15_6-39 PM 06-15-15_6-40 PM 06-15-15_6-40 PM-2

They were both nervous about the new addition and she arrived healthy and Happy another Girl, Welcome Charnaii Vogel

06-15-15_6-42 PM 06-15-15_6-43 PM 06-15-15_6-45 PM 06-15-15_6-46 PM

Layuh struggled to bond with the new baby no matter how hard she tried and was distressed when she discovered she was pregnant for the third time.

As the girls grew older Layuh started to bond with them she helped them with homework whenever she could and baked them sweet treats for when they returned from school.

06-16-15_11-35 AM 06-16-15_11-30 AM 06-16-15_11-28 AM 06-16-15_11-09 AM-206-16-15_12-26 PM-206-16-15_12-41 PM-206-16-15_12-25 PM06-16-15_12-41 PM

Her pregnancy made her feel uneasy but seeing how excited her family was she kept her fears to herself. The three trimesters passed in the blink of an eye as she clutched her stomach she knew just wasn’t ready for Another baby. Tate waited outside the bedroom feeling Nervous and excited about the new addition he crossed his fingers and hoped for a Grandson.

06-16-15_1-07 PM 06-16-15_12-57 PM-4

No-one was prepared for what happened next Layuh was in soooo much pain she should have felt relief when Baby Rome popped out yet all she felt was more pain ” Noooo, no more I…” Layuh called out unable to finish her sentence as another baby popped out. She handed him to her husband as another wave of pain hit her hard like a truck. “Taayyt” She screamed Tate ran into the room and was just in time to grab baby number 3 as he entered the world. The three adults stood and held the Newborn Infants Rome, Paris and Milan. Layuh turned to her husband and Whispered “Honey I’m Done”.

06-16-15_1-08 PM 06-16-15_1-13 PM 06-16-15_1-16 PM-2

With 5 children under their belt Milano had to agree.

>lets get back on track- Chapter 41>

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