Opening Day (chapter44)

Tianii and Charnaii took the first shift. The rest of the family found it too distressing to be surrounded by Tate’s masterpieces.

08-25-15_8-33 PM-2 08-25-15_8-45 PM

Tianii’s Chearful demeanor made it easy for her to interact with the customers and she relished in telling stories of her grandfather and each piece of Artwork.

08-25-15_8-45 PM-2 08-25-15_8-45 PM-3

Charnaii struggled she burst into tears each time a customer asked a question about the Artist Tate Vogel. Instead she rung up the customers who purchased Prints of Tate’s original artwork.

08-25-15_8-55 PM 08-25-15_8-55 PM-2 08-25-15_8-56 PM

The girls were  a great team and when Layuh dropped in to help with restocking things were starting to run like clockwork.

Everything was going great until one of the customers Mrs Gia Dempsey collapsed and died right outside the front of the gallery.

08-25-15_9-01 PM 08-25-15_9-01 PM-2

Tianii decided it was time to close up for the day. They had managed to earn $5’782 selling only 3 of Grandpa’s paintings.

>Chapter 45

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