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This is  just a fun and short interactive story.
Where You the reader will decide the fate of Max.
You make the choices that will help Max succeed or fail in her attempt to escape her prison and maybe even find out how she came to be a captive in the first place.

My Simself Charlii Mai keeps us Updated on her progress in the Rosebud challenge in a series of letters. The idea behind the challenge is to complete the sims 4 achievement called Rosebud with the following goal:
‘Gain 1,000,000 Simoleons in a single household’


Mara I-Am Is the Cursed one and Guardian of the Almanac. With her life now extended another 600 plus years how will she cope with the family curse. Will she ever reveal the secret to her loved ones ?


Works In Progress…

Una Reign is the next true Heir to the Dersobuan throne. Living a life in hiding from her aunt Wynona on an uninhabited planet with only her Guardian Bot for company. Can she thrive and create a new home for the rebels and fellow Dersobuans trying to escape the tyrannous rule of the evil queen Wynona.