Rainne had found love right there in oasis springs. He was the most beautiful  sweet Japanese man called Ishida. They had eloped and he had moved in.

A few years later River was born. Ishida cared for his son while Rainne painted. she was always in an inspired state so she painted constantly only stopping to use the bathroom and eat she rarely slept.

Ishida was starting to feel neglected and lonely but he couldn’t tear her away from her easel.

He became a comfort eater and was always with a plate in hand and food in his mouth he was just miserable. He contemplated taking his son and moving away, but he loved Rainne far too much.

One fateful afternoon Ishida decided to try his hand at creating the Pan fried Tilapia he had seen chef pancakes make on the simstation food channel. The Kitchen caught fire both he and Rebel had been caught in the blaze. Rebel had been saved but it was too late for him and he passed away.

At the same exact moment Rainne had decide to take a break from painting and had rushed downstairs to invite her husband away for a romantic break at the Crusty Pine Hotel only to find his urn on the kitchen floor. She was devastated as she’d realised how much she Loved and had neglected her Husband a few minutes too late.