Restoring the family name part 1 (Chapter 5)

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The Newly Named Jamari Vogel stepped out of the taxi and took in the sight of his new home. It looked exactly as it did in the old photo’s he had found while looking up the asylum on the internet even the landscaping although a little overgrown still maintained its elegance. As he took his first tentative steps towards the front door the nerves bubbled in his stomach, Unsure what awaited him inside.

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The vision outside did nothing to prepare him for the Dark, damp, dusty and rundown interior that greeted him inside, the complete opposite of the exterior. He was glad he had the good sense to move in early in the morning while it was light. It was so dark as there weren’t as many windows as there should have been and since he didn’t have any power yet It was almost like walking into a fun fair Haunted house.

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Touring the House Jamari made a mental note of some of the work that would need to be done just to make the place livable restoring it completely was going to be impossible with his finances. First on the list was the bare necessities, a bathroom, Bed, some kind of lighting and of course food.

Jamari returned from shopping sooner than planned, Soon as he introduced himself to the local’s they couldn’t get away fast enough. The awful side glances and whispering were bad enough but when people started shouting foul Language and singing that awful Rhyme it became too hard to bear.

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02-09-15_2-28 PMHe returned to his new home with the realization he had underestimated the hatred the Vogel name invoked. He was unable to get a plumber so had to hire one from two towns over. Even the bed he’d had delivered was dumped on the kerb by the delivery guy. It was so disheartening. He had no family no-one to turn to.  He had nothing but his legacy to take his mind off the prejudice he was sure to suffer. So he started by dragging the bed up the path to the house, He managed to get as far as the living area before collapsing into a heap next to the bed. He somehow found the strength to pull himself onto the bed He was tired even though it was still early the abuse he was victim to earlier seemed to just drain him. He reached over for his shopping bags grabbed a candle and put it next to the bed he would light it later pulling some bedding out of a new pack he covered himself and went to sleep. The plumber would arrive tomorrow to fit the bathroom, He would have to use nature’s toilet (The garden) and bottled water until then.

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4 thoughts on “Restoring the family name part 1 (Chapter 5)

  1. Oh no! It’s just so disheartening that he is getting treated like that! Hopefully he will find someone who can look beyond a name and see the person within. I’m a dreamer, I’m gonna hope that he meet that special sim-one very soon. I would love to carry on reading… *hint hint* 🙂

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  2. Poor Jamari! He hasn’t done anything! But wow does his families name carry horrible title. I can’t believe ppl were treating him like that! He’ll make everyone love him, I know he will, but it stll breaks my heart to see them treat a friend that way (smiles). He’s got a lot of work ahead of him! But he can do it !


  3. That’s so sad but I have seen first hand how small town people can be. Not most of them of course, but there’s circles where similar things to this could happen for sure. Hopefully they will change their views over time.

    Liked by 1 person

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