Road to recovery

Ndolo visited everyday and had managed to get through to Kalani.He had agreed to rejoin the family in the main house and had started socializing with his cousins. He’d become close to River again but his brother and sister refused to give him the chance to prove he’d changed. It saddened him and his parents who had become a little more observant could tell. They arranged a small get together at the house and invited all the family and a few friends. Ndolo came with his daughter in Tow.

Chinedu was unique and she knew it she had been sent to live with her father in willowcreek as a child of 10. But had never forgotten her heritage she wore her traditional clothing and colours with honor.

Chinedu’s confidence and demeanor not to mention her natural beauty drew Kalani to her. He found the courage to talk to her. She was just amazing , she talked his leg off and rarely gave him a chance to get a word in . Kalani hadn’t felt so comfortable in another persons presence in well… ever.

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