Shannen (Chapter 36)

A few days after Angel’s party Valentina went into labor.

06-10-15_12-53 PM 06-10-15_1-00 PM

She rushed to the bedroom here Morello was busy repairing the dolls house and quietly and calmly gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Morello and Valentina had already discussed names and had decided to Name the baby after Valentina’s Mother. And so Shannen Vogel was introduced to the world and her family who just couldn’t get enough of her.

06-10-15_1-01 PM 06-10-15_1-01 PM-2 06-10-15_1-02 PM-3 06-10-15_1-02 PM-4 06-10-15_1-04 PM 06-10-15_1-03 PM

Valentina celebrated her birthday later that night. Now that she was an elder she felt out of place within the Vogel house. They needed there own space for them to grow as a family in their own right. So as soon as Shannen was a little older they moved into their own place across town. (after Valentina set fire to the kitchen that is)

06-10-15_1-08 PM 06-10-15_1-08 PM-2 06-10-15_1-04 PM-206-10-15_1-12 PM

Shannen visited her grandparents whenever she could and Uncle Milano painted her portrait to add to the wall. Titled :The first grandchild.

06-10-15_1-16 PM 06-10-15_1-16 PM-206-10-15_1-16 PM-306-10-15_1-16 PM-406-10-15_1-16 PM-606-10-15_1-17 PM

Angela also celebrated her birthday.

06-10-15_1-09 PM 06-10-15_1-10 PM 06-10-15_1-10 PM-2 06-10-15_1-11 PM

>Chapter 37

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