Side Effects

The Drugs did nothing to help Kailani’s acne but his body mass had increased and he was looking Buff.

His confidence had returned but he was so angry all the time any little thing would set him off. His temper was becoming harder and harder to manage. Rebel recognised this change in behaviour as symptoms of Stersim drug use. He sent the family out for a meal on him and set about searching Kalani’s room once he’s suspicions were confirmed he sat Zahir, Blair and Kalani down and told them what he knew.

Kalani felt ambushed and like a wild animal attacked. The red mist descended and he pounced on his grandfather, balled up his fist and just started hitting. Zahir tried to pull him off but Kalani was just too strong he called for help.River tried but Kalani Managed to overpower both Men. Hearing the ruckus from the basement Ailani emerged from the basement with Devon’s old police tazer and shocked Kalani until he lost consciousness.

Rebel was admitted to the hospital and although the police should have been called Rebel had begged his family to take care of the matter internally.

Rainne, River, Ailani and Leilani moved out as they no longer felt safe in their own home.

Kalani woke up in the basement he hadn’t been restrained but the door had been locked. he was dizzy his head hurt and he had no memory of how he’d got there. Last thing he remembered was returning home from the meal.01-18-16_7-03-18 PM

>Cold turkey>