Sydney and Arizona (Chapter 58)

Sydney was a bit of a loner. she was always lost in thought in front of the family computer. Her family was unaware but she had become a genius computer hacker. she had hacked into every account she had ever heard of and had never been caught. It was only when she ran out of accounts to hack that she decided to try something different and ended up meeting someone (online).

His name was Archibald Snood and he was a hacker like herself. They messaged each other hourly. It wasn’t long before she knew it was love and they arranged to meet. Archie was unique and she loved that about him. He called himself an urban cowboy.

Sydney was starting to bore her sister with stories about Archie. Archie had an idea his brother was single, Arizona was single so he took the girls her home to meet his twin brother Herbert. Herb and Arizona hit it off immediately and were soon planning their wedding.

It was held at two hearts park. A double wedding was arranged.

Two brothers and Two sisters stood in front of the Arch declaring their love.

After the Wedding the Girls and their husbands moved into Apartments in Newcrest where they lived next door to each other and awaited the arrival of Arizona and Herbert’s first child.


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