Tables Turned

Ailani and Leilani remained in the basement and only resurfaced to get nourishment and torment the brother that caused them so much misery as children.

“Crater face, Take cover before that face Erupts, My Eyes! my eyes! they burn put a bag on it!, Ewwww turn off the lights it’s disgusting, Anyone want to order pizza none for you Kalani I see you already have one Pizza face”.

Their endless teasing was making Kalani feel wretched but instead of becoming more withdrawn he took drastic action. He “Borrowed” his dad’s credit card and ordered a batch of not strictly legal medicines from the web.

He started knocking them back. Once a month at first but then it became a daily Exercise. Then he’d worked out until he vomited. He started missing school he’d leave the house and hide out nearby until everyone had left for school or work. He stayed in the homegym working out until 2:45 then hid in the neighbourhood and returned home shortly after the rest of the family.  He was the Outsider once more and he couldn’t bear it. His family was oblivious to his feelings and actions and made it easy for him to continue down this path that would inevitably lead to his downfall.


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