Taking it’s Toll (Chapter 13)

As our couple continued to work hard to raise funds they had managed to get almost half of the money together only to have the power was cut again.  No  TV or toys had started to get to Tate and he was Angry all the time. He wasn’t doing well in school either as his mood swings made it difficult to make friends. Jamari was worried for his son and decided to take him out with him to collect frogs and learn about the beauty in the nature around them.

03-19-15_9-09 AM-2 03-19-15_9-10 AM

Working day and night ,taking shifts collecting, tending to the garden and making sure Tate was healthy and happy left barely enough time for anything else. Arabella painted as often as she could. She loved talking to Tate about her Art it was one of the only joys in her life (Tate and Jamari being the other two). 03-04-15_12-29 PM

The shower and toilet constantly malfunctioned. Jamari took care of the repairs selling any salvaged parts. Adding that money to the pot they were able to pay the bills. They didn’t stop though cause they new the next set would be due before they knew it. 03-19-15_11-04 AM

>Chapter 14


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