Taking over the reins (chapter 19)

It had been a few years since Jamari and Tate had The talk and for Jamari the end was near he had become old and frail. He had never gotton over the death of his beloved Arabella so had devoted his remaining years to his son and improving the estate for the next generation he was sad he wouldn’t be around for the arrival of his grandchildren.

Tate had stayed single, He had devoted his time to his craft and now nearing his own birthday he realised he was a long way from giving his father the grandchildren he longed for. Tate was a perfectionist and had found fault in every girl he had met (None matched up to his Mom).

03-19-15_2-49 PM 03-19-15_2-48 PM-2 03-19-15_2-48 PM

Jamari planned a party for Tate he finally had the means to do so. He baked a beautiful white chocolate cake and invited a few of the young ladies from around town, Hoping that he could give Tate the gentle push he needed to find his true love.

03-20-15_1-50 PM

The Party was to be held in the local nightclub (The same one he had proposed to Arabella in all those years ago).

>Chapter 20

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