Rebel found fatherhood difficult at time he was always tired. He had joined the medical career as having a household with so many mouths to feed was expensive. He wasn’t paid much but with his grandfather Devon’s help in caring for the children while he slept or worked and of course thanks to his substantial Wages (Devon had been promoted to chief). They were only just coping.

Rebel took the children round to meet grandpa Oake and had also had found a little time to Renew his relationship with Tempest (Rainne’s Mum) they had become a couple and he asked her to move in.

Things seemed great. Until he noticed a change in his boys behaviour. He couldn’t understand it and they wouldn’t tell him anything it worried him so much he was unable to sleep .

One Afternoon of tossing and turning in bed he went to the living area to play with the kids and witnessed Tempest’s Rage she was shouting and screaming at the boys and ordering them to do housework while she sat back and watched TV.

Rebel couldn’t believe his eyes or ears. He took Tempest into the bedroom and let loose his anger. “How dare you treat my children like this in their own home and right under my nose”. as she tried to make excuses he continued “There is nothing in the world you can say to fix this. I want you out of this house and our lives for good, You Hateful disgusting witch” Tempest stormed upstairs to pack her things and say goodbye to Rainne.

Rebel spoke to his Children “What Tempest did was unacceptable, she was a bad person don’t ever keep secrets from me. I am your dad, I love you and want you to be happy. It’s my job to keep you safe /Chase the monsters away and I cant do that if you don’t tell me about these things.”

He sent them out to play. It broke his heart to know they had been suffering and didn’t trust him enough to tell him.

Tempest went out to the play area to tell Rainne she was moving to Windenburg to start a new life. “Your dad wont let me take you now so Come find me when your older” she hugged her, Scowled at the other kids then left.

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>Life and Death>