The case

Although Devon wished the earth would open up and swallow him life had to go on. Work took his mind off things but his real life saver was Peacelily having this precious little thing to care for gave him a reason to carry on and give it his all.

He wanted to get further in his career so he sat down with the chief and asked to be put on assignment. As luck would have it a Missing persons case had just been called in.

Devon pulled up to the crime scene he recognised the house immediately it was his Aunt Charnaii’s house (It was until she had rented it to Aspen and Naturi but Devon wasn’t aware of that yet).

Devon took pictures, collected clues and prints and recorded witness statements he had soon built up a picture of the events. His brother and pregnant lover had turned to a life of crime they had used their horticultural knowledge and had become involved with a criminal gang.  But things had turned sour now Aspen and Naturi along with their twin babies had gone missing.

“Babies” Devon’s stomach lurched and he fought back the urge to vomit. The fear he felt surprised him he wanted to be angry or Nonchalant but this was his family he had to find them.

>The Boys (Chapter 63)>