The Date (Chapter 21)

Tate tore down the steps and ran out towards the street. He was late his first date and he was going to be late Tate had arranged to meet the woman from his favourite of the three profiles at the Local museum.

03-28-15_1-10 PM 03-28-15_1-11 PM

03-28-15_12-56 PM-2 03-28-15_12-56 PM

“Great impression I’m going to make” he whispered to himself as he pushed open the museum entrance. “Hi Mary” he extended his hand a little too forcefully jabbing her in her side.” I’m so sorry.. I’m really .S..Sorry about that…Sorry I’m late and poking you” He rattled on ” sorry I’m rambling… I’m Tate …you already knew that” Tate continued to ramble until Mary interrupted him. ” Hi Tate, Something tells me your a little nervous” she giggled ” Is this your first experience of online dating” she asked him she smiled while awaiting his answer.

Tate nodded shyly. “Actually it’s my first date ever” he blurted out. ” I’m Sorry …. I didn’t mean to say that out loud…  I’m so embarrassed” he scowled then realising Mary was now staring at him he smiled. “Should we” he gestured towards the nearest art piece. “sure” Mary  answered as she took in the sights of the sculpture in front of her. While Tate took in  the sights of the beauty in front of him that was Mary.

03-28-15_12-54 PM 03-28-15_12-55 PM

She took his breath away and it made him so nervous he thought he was going to faint. he felt hot, his cheeks were burning. He was now aware of his appearance and felt insecure he hadn’t made an effort, Wearing his regular tracksuit hadn’t hidden his belly at all (he’d put on a bit of weight recently due to his Gluttonous nature).

He snapped back to reality and Mary was still admiring the piece. He hoped she hadn’t noticed him staring at her blankly.

Tate wasn’t ready for this. Dating was alien to him, Females made him nervous.

Not surprising really it had just been him and dad since his mom had passed away and he had no idea how to interact with the opposite sex. The date seemed to go well Tate followed Mary around the museum they talked and laughed about the Artwork.

Sadly the conversation didn’t seem to go any deeper so they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways.

03-28-15_12-58 PM-2 03-28-15_12-58 PM-3 03-28-15_12-58 PM-4 03-28-15_12-59 PM


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