The End is Nigh (Chapter 42)

Milan put part two of his plan into action he offered to take Grandpa Tate’s Paintings to the collector/ Gallery Buyers but secretly put them into storage.

Tianii and Charnaii had found the perfect lot a little place in Newcrest and along with his siblings repaired and decorated the space. It had taken $9,161 leaving $6’000 in the family funds (but as Grandpa Tate no longer worked on the family accounts The Surprise was safe.) The only thing left to do was take the paintings out of storage. And reveal the surprise to Grandpa.

Later that evening While grandpa Tate was listening to Rome play his violin he felt an unusual splutter in his chest quite like the engine of a car failing to start. Before him stood Angela, she held his hand and whispered “It’s time my love” As they floated away into the light he looked back and felt his heart break for his family Crying over his body.

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>Chapter 43

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