The Party (Chapter 20)

Only a few of the invited guests actually attended. The Vogel name was still a dirty word around town. It was still a great event Tate talked, Laughed and danced with his father and guests He’d had a great time and even made as new friend or two.

03-20-15_1-56 PM-2 03-20-15_1-59 PM 03-20-15_2-02 PM 03-20-15_2-02 PM-2 03-20-15_2-05 PM 03-20-15_2-00 PM

Disappointed about the lack of romantic interactions at the party Jamari consulted the LegacyLoves online dating agency and set up a secret dating profile for his son.

03-20-15_2-11 PM 03-20-15_2-12 PM

He bookmarked 3 prospective young ladies profiles. then sat Tate down ” Son I know you don’t want me interfering in your love life but I can’t go to my grave leaving you completely alone. I have found these beautiful young ladies that I think…..”

“Daad I don’t need this im not completely useless. This is sooo embarrassing I don’t need my old man finding me dates” Tate moaned “Bu.. But I’m only trying to…. ” Jamari stuttered ” NO DAD JUST NO” Tate shouted  “IM NOT DISCUSSING THIS WITH YOU”.

03-20-15_2-12 PM-2 03-20-15_2-13 PM

Jamari slumped away to bed where he remained for the rest of the night and most of the next day.

Feeling Guilty for upsetting his father he took a look at the website and the profiles his dad had bookmarked “They seem ok” he mumbled to himself ” I guess one date couldn’t hurt”.


>Chapter 21


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