The Proposition


Rebel continued to live a care free existence until His father Oake told him his news. “Rebel, Son, Me and Zhaan have found a cute little house called LittleCliff Casa it’s not far from here. We’ve bought it and are going to move in soon. So you and your grandfather are going to have this place to yourselves.”

Rebel was Happy for his father going off to start a new life with his husband but also sad he was losing his Dad, His best friend, His biggest supporter, His Mentor, His Rock all in one. It made rebel realise how important a father is to a child. And it had driven him to give his children his all he was going to be the best father he could to his bambino’s.

He Visited all 5 of his Baby Mama’s sat them down and said   “I want to make a proposition. I want to be a good dad to my children and I want them all to grow up together  the only way I can make that happen is if I raise them all at my home. I have no intention of taking them away from you or cutting you out of their lives. I just want us all to be a family.”

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The ladies all agreed Eventually, Although some needed more persuasion than others.

> All together now >