The Rosy Nose (Chapter 22)

As Tate stepped out of his taxi outside The Rose a nightclub from the other side of the city he straightened out his jacket and checked his watch for the 3rd time ” 6:32pm” he said under his breath.

03-28-15_1-33 PM

He was early this time after rocking up late and underdressed for his last date  he’d made a huge effort this time. Tate entered the building and instantly felt uncomfortable this was not his scene at all. It was Brightly lit with a pianist. The Romantic Ambiance made Tate want to hide under a table, It was far too intimate for a first date with a total stranger. He went over to the bar to order himself a drink and sat down.

03-28-15_1-44 PM 03-28-15_1-44 PM-3 03-28-15_1-46 PM 03-28-15_1-47 PM-2

Looking around he saw the loved up couples Hugging, Kissing and Dancing and it made him feel anxious. Angela had chosen this place. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. He checked his phone after every sip of his bitter cocktail 6:40pm.

03-28-15_1-49 PM 03-28-15_1-50 PM

It felt like he’d been there for hours getting pitiful looks from the couples assuming he’d been stood up. However that was not the case, Tate’s  date wasn’t due to arrive until 7:30pm. He was starting to regret coming early in fact he was regretting this whole dating thing and longed to be at home with a brush in hand working on his easel. Tate got up from his table and weaving between the dancing couples made his way to the door.

03-28-15_1-55 PM-2 03-28-15_2-00 PM 03-28-15_3-48 PM 03-28-15_3-49 PM

((Thwack)) the door swung open and hit him right on the nose. Blood spurted everywhere. ” Ahh My top you clumsy foo… the voice faltered off. Tate looked up ” Hi Angela your early” Tate choked out splattering more blood on his annoyed looking date. ” Guess we’d better get cleaned up”  Tate grabbed a wad of tissue from the nearest table and waved them at Angela. “You need them more than me” she smiled ” I think we should rearrange” she told him ” I’ll get the door for you don’t want to do anymore damage to that cute face” she blushed “Thank you” Tate answered and shot her a smile. (He hoped she could tell he was smiling as his face had begun to swell)

Tate Looked in the mirror and groaned he looked awful his nose was and lip were swollen and his eyes were bruised. Dad looked over his shoulder “Ha.. who was your date? Tysons secret sister Ha Ha..” he laughed. Tate rolled his eyes “Hilarious Pops”

03-28-15_4-35 PM

“You taking your next date on a picnic your going to look like a blueberry” Jamari joked.

“Hey an old prune and a Blueberry what a pair we are” Tate teased his father ” seriously though I don’t know what to do my last date is tomorrow but I think I might like Angela, The almost date was a disaster I mean I only spoke to her for a few minutes. I’m not hopeful about tomorrow’s date with Valentina Look at me I look awful”

03-28-15_4-34 PM

Jamari went to bed, Tate takes another look on the legacy loves website hoping to rearrange his date with Angela ” Her profiles been deleted. she didn’t mean it she just wanted to get away from me” Tate was disappointed and a little dejected when he went to bed. but with his last date tomorrow he couldn’t let Angela get him down.

> Chapter 23

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