The Story continues

The Years passed Quickly and before they knew it Milan and Minnie had become Elders.

The children had become Adults and had added their photo’s to the second floor walls. The tradition of painting the family portraits had died along with Milano.

Milan was hoping to pass down the legacy to one of his boys but neither one was interested. Arizona was the only one that could see how important this was to her father and for the family but unfortunately she was not permitted as her gender ruled her out.

Depressed Milan retreated to his Easel.

Arizona Penned a dramatic tune called the Vogel Legacy Trauma and played it to her brothers hoping to ignite something within them.

It suddenly dawned on Devon that they would also lose the family home. That he had spent the last few years helping his father to restore and improve upon. So he agreed to take on the Legacy. Although his sons reasons were purely selfish ones Milan was happy that he could continue the tradition.


>Sydney and Arizona (chapter 58)>