The Talk (Chapter 18)

Usually at this time a new Heir would be decided on but as Tate was an only child due to the untimely death of his mother. He knew he would be taking over the household at his fathers passing.

03-19-15_2-14 PM 03-19-15_2-46 PM

Jamari sat down with his son and showed him a copy of Grampy Marcel’s will and the letter explaining the Legacy and talked him through his role in It (if he chose to take over the challenge). ” When I die you will be the last living descendant of the Vogel family. I’m Proud of you you are strong, Trustworthy and hardworking” jamari hugged his boy ” I have complete faith in you and your ability to bring Honour back to the family. I love you son” Jamari handed over the documents gave his son another hug and they parted with a new shared admiration for each other.

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2 thoughts on “The Talk (Chapter 18)

  1. He did turn out to be such a blessing. I had hoped to have a houseful of possible heirs at this point but the game had other plans. It worked out in the end as I was able to devote more time to building his painting skills which in turn made for a huge improvement in the family finances.


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