The three of us. (Chapter 12)

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Baby Tate Marcel Vogel entered the world, It was love at first sight for Jamari.  He looked after his son whenever he could giving Arrabella the rest she needed. Tate was a good baby he rarely cried even so Jamari couldn’t bear to be too far from his son so spent all his time around the house or in the garden he stopped collecting and was relieved when Arabella took on the responsibility of collecting.

03-04-15_11-21 AM 03-04-15_11-23 AM

Although she loved being out of the house she didn’t care much for the job and spent more and more time gardening with her husband both of their gardening skills vastly improved as did the quality and quantity of the plants (Such a shame they were unable to sell them as they had more than they could plant/care for).

03-04-15_11-29 AM-2 03-04-15_11-29 AM

Soon the bills were due and at over $3,000 there was just no way to pay it. Arabella took up painting but with her painting skill non existent she made very little money so Jamari was forced to head out collecting again.

03-04-15_12-30 PM-2 03-04-15_11-38 AM-2

03-04-15_12-15 PM 03-04-15_12-15 PM-2

Tate soon became a child and his parents were devastated they couldn’t afford to give him a special celebration. Tate didn’t mind though he met his grandfather Elvis for the first time and they got along swimmingly grandpa Elvis promised to take Tate out fishing as a special treat (after a lot of pleading from Tate that is).

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>Chapter 13


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